Business Planning ~ Analyze Goals & Objectives

The first impact on your business plan is that you are being attentive!

Developing your business will always be a challenge. Your plan should be a method to keep focus. Before you start, pull together your customer list, marketing plan, and P&L financials. A review against the earmarks will give you an easy, tell-tale sign.

  • Are the sales in line with projection? How about your profit margin to draw in those sales?

  • Did your prospecting campaign reap the returns you needed?

  • Have you maintained the marketing goals, within budget?

Likely, you have a strong gut feel for the answers to these issues, and likely you are right. But a review will insure you’re heading into the balance of 2012 with the proper planning.

In the event that you recognize something that you’ve missed in the daily activities of doing business, you can adjust accordingly. Before you simply adjust projected sales to be in line with the track you appear to be on through 5-months, consider doubling down, or adjust your thinking on some of the goals established to reached your year end objectives. Maybe you’ve strayed from your marketing plan and have the opportunity to get back on track, or re-direct some of your efforts to support your plan. Also, leave yourself open to something that may have come to light since setting your objectives.

Whatever you find, mid-year reviews and adjustments are always fruitful.

Did you find that your planning was dead-on in your projections, or ahead of projection? Give yourself recognition!

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