Who Do You Think You Are?

When I was a sophomore in high school, a teacher did a simple exercise in empathy and ethnocentric attitudes. He taped a ruled line piece of white tablet paper to the black board. Every student was to write down a description of no more than 5-words about what he had just attached to the black board. It was amazing how many variations in perception there was to such a simple daily object. So, you can image how much more complex is the task of defining who and what your organization is.

It is YOUR perception, or understanding of the various perceptions of your organization, that will set the tone of Who Do You Think You Are. In answering the question you establish your organizational objective statement. This statement will branch-out to guide goals and objectives, new products and services, and future opportunities as the pertain to your organization and its marketplace.

In defining your organization, remember that you are a combination of your product / service, the needs you satisfy, and the service received by your customers as they attempt to satisfy their need.

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