A Delicate Balance: Your Life’s Plan

When you GOOGLE “nice guy,” Jim’s face comes up! Jim and I have been friends since the first grade. He is a marketing guru. I have referenced his respected feedback for many years. Jim owns a marketing promotions company that has grown quite successfully, even in this down-turn economy.

Inevitably, Jim will drive the conversation around to ask about my wife and daughter. “You’ve done a GREAT job driving your career and having a personal life,” says my friend who is financially worth more than I can ever hope to amass. His system drives ten successful sales people in a local economy that is stricken harder than most.

Don’t you have a business plan?” I ask, already knowing that Jim is able to calculate his long term and short goals, and establish solid earmarks to move his interest along at a solid pace. Jim does A – B testing, calculates promotion timing, distributes leads to his sales people like the best point guard running a fast-break!

What Jim hasn’t developed is a LIFE PLAN! He hadn’t allocated vacation time, days off, retreats, education or trade shows. I kept after Jim to start making time for himself, to do the things he loves … “that’s part of your ROI!” I would stress.

I talked to Jim this week. “Hey, you’ve been pestering me to come to Carolina and play golf with you,” he started the conversation. “Let me know a good weekend! I’m dating now and I’d like to bring her with me … “

Just like a business plan, your life plan starts out with “baby-steps” to reach the bigger plateaus, you have A – B testing, promotional periods, and making yourself available to your key people! Developing these plans will balance your portfolio!

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