Halloween Is #2 Promotional Opportunity

When you sketch your plan for the year be receptive to new opportunities or ways to enhance the current position. Seasonal promotions are a broad and significant way to accomplish this goal. Many times communities, businesses, and non-profits are participating in the festivities on some level – publicly or privately.

Halloween is the #2 promotional opportunity after holiday gift giving. Product mix for various age groups are available.

Communities will feature parades, trick-or-treating, Chamber of Commerce events, to name a few where any marketer can show their prowess with fun and creative SWAG year after year.

Business often allow employees to dress-up. This opens the door to employee engagement activity, such as a cute trophy that can be passed from winner to winner, or redone annually to display winner’s name and date. It’s also an opportunity to move to the front of the annual gift giving campaign with a PR gesture or enhancing the name and brand recognition.

Non-profits will often jump on Halloween wagon as a PR supporter of larger events. Sticking close to these groups and participating in their opportunities can lead to a broadening of your own client base. Many business owners want to do business with others that grasp their own philanthropic activities!

Caveat: Always maximize the Promotion! Do not go into the schools with donated, non-educational product to be distributed by school teachers and staff. These efforts tend to get “lost” along with your client’s message! Move the distribution to activities of this age group such as community soccer league where the structure offers a greater interaction and parents can monitor the activity.

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