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Halloween Is #2 Promotional Opportunity

When you sketch your plan for the year be receptive to new opportunities or ways to enhance the current position. Seasonal promotions are a broad and significant way to accomplish this goal. Many times communities, businesses, and non-profits are participating in the festivities on some level – publicly or privately.

Halloween is the #2 promotional opportunity after holiday gift giving. Product mix for various age groups are available.

Communities will feature parades, trick-or-treating, Chamber of Commerce events, to name a few where any marketer can show their prowess with fun and creative SWAG year after year.

Business often allow employees to dress-up. This opens the door to employee engagement activity, such as a cute trophy that can be passed from winner to winner, or redone annually to display winner’s name and date. It’s also an opportunity to move to the front of the annual gift giving campaign with a PR gesture or enhancing the name and brand recognition.

Non-profits will often jump on Halloween wagon as a PR supporter of larger events. Sticking close to these groups and participating in their opportunities can lead to a broadening of your own client base. Many business owners want to do business with others that grasp their own philanthropic activities!

Caveat: Always maximize the Promotion! Do not go into the schools with donated, non-educational product to be distributed by school teachers and staff. These efforts tend to get “lost” along with your client’s message! Move the distribution to activities of this age group such as community soccer league where the structure offers a greater interaction and parents can monitor the activity.


A Delicate Balance: Your Life’s Plan

When you GOOGLE “nice guy,” Jim’s face comes up! Jim and I have been friends since the first grade. He is a marketing guru. I have referenced his respected feedback for many years. Jim owns a marketing promotions company that has grown quite successfully, even in this down-turn economy.

Inevitably, Jim will drive the conversation around to ask about my wife and daughter. “You’ve done a GREAT job driving your career and having a personal life,” says my friend who is financially worth more than I can ever hope to amass. His system drives ten successful sales people in a local economy that is stricken harder than most.

Don’t you have a business plan?” I ask, already knowing that Jim is able to calculate his long term and short goals, and establish solid earmarks to move his interest along at a solid pace. Jim does A – B testing, calculates promotion timing, distributes leads to his sales people like the best point guard running a fast-break!

What Jim hasn’t developed is a LIFE PLAN! He hadn’t allocated vacation time, days off, retreats, education or trade shows. I kept after Jim to start making time for himself, to do the things he loves … “that’s part of your ROI!” I would stress.

I talked to Jim this week. “Hey, you’ve been pestering me to come to Carolina and play golf with you,” he started the conversation. “Let me know a good weekend! I’m dating now and I’d like to bring her with me … “

Just like a business plan, your life plan starts out with “baby-steps” to reach the bigger plateaus, you have A – B testing, promotional periods, and making yourself available to your key people! Developing these plans will balance your portfolio!

Prospect Us!

I LOVE my wife! Not only is she a beautiful person, woman, mom, wife, a great cook … but she is also a marketer’s dream! I’ve learned more from watching her buying habits and tendencies, than from any of my college, or industry courses throughout the years. With the introduction and chatter about the iPhone5 this week, she is looking at her upgrade options for a new phone. She doesn’t “need” a new phone, she “wants” THE new phone.

My wife is Not a Prospect, she a customer to upgrade. I have seen very few companies do a reasonable job prospecting consumers like my wife. Prospecting is often viewed as a long, dull process with a very heavy draw on ROI. I don’t know anyone who likes to do it and the successes are too often arbitrary. However, amidst a successfully run prospecting campaign, the rush produces an intense strengthening of “team” and employee self-esteem!

How can that be?” you ask. “Prospecting campaigns are usually based on short-term sales contests.” Remember, I said successfully run! If prospecting is just a one day campaign when the phones are slow or order count is down, the strategy is too ethnocentric. By that I mean, it is focused on the individual or organization, rather than the prospect. Prospecting should be the SOP within your business … everyone, everyday … tracked over time – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Synchronize teams, coordinate marketing campaigns, developed course of action upon success to build reasons for prospects to become customers.

Whether you are prospecting a new product, service, or marketplace, start out by establishing timeframe for the campaign, along with goals and expectations to measure success. Format your teams and procedures, and coordinate offers and promotions. Be sure to establish tracking methods to acknowledge prospects that move over to customers, and the offer that drew them in. Gathering this information at the outset will assist in developing successful offers in the future. Your market will hand you the development opportunities if you listen to what your customers and prospects have to say!

So prospect us in an intelligent manner to elevate your business, employees, and your customer’s opinion of your organization!

Hello world!

Hello World!

I hope you are navigating the New Economy. My blogs will be geared to discuss some new topics for your consideration, and some tried-and-true business concepts to remind you to pay attention to the daily details.

Hopefully, in the end, we are all better off ~ whatever that means to YOU!

Best wishes for prosperous travels!


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