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It Doesn’t Pay to Keep Your Mouth Shut: PR Effect on Profit

I am a student of Public Relations: B.S. in P.R.! (I also LOVE irony and sarcasm. You can tweet me all the jokes, but I’ve probably heard them already.)

Throughout the education process, I can remember how the professors and textbooks tried to maintain a distance between sales and public relations. In doing so, what they FAILED to connect is the relationship between public relations and profitability.

It used to be that you would make strides for publicity when your organization reached a milestone, hired a new executive, or won an award or client contract. Social media now allows you to draw your brand into the paradigm with creative and fun games, meet the staff, and even “look at the funny thing that happened today” shares with your followers – your (best) customers.

Today’s social media groundswell has made it very easy to develop an effective ongoing soft sell branding campaign about who we are, what we do, and the fun we have; thus, creating a more immediate familiarity. At some point, however, you have to do business with a stranger. We are usually drawn to the more genuine personality. They make it easier to drop your guard and WANT to make a purchase.

This is the “warm and fuzzy” of social media. It goes beyond the fact that you make a widget at a specific price, but For you, Today … If your public relations and social media efforts are nothing more than an extension of your sales, marketing, and advertising campaigns, than apply your resources elsewhere because the ROI just isn’t there!

Public relations and social media in today’s environment gives you the opportunity to maintain a presence and pertinence with your target audience even when the need is not there today. Use the channel to present ideas for product and service that aren’t obvious to the novice user. Allow your sales and support staff to make videos regarding new products and services that are new, or coming soon. This will add a sense of familiarity to what used to be the (phantom) voice on the phone, or worse yet – email.

The impact on profitability can be enhance many times over with stronger prospecting leads, better results with product and service introductions, and stronger customer relations.

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